Welcome To Our Agency!

Active Car Wash is a steam wash program created by ACT – Automobile Cleaning Technologies, a venture of Inventa Cleantec. Inventa Cleantec is as an ISO certified company involved in manufacturing of vehicle washing systems, including Automatic Car Wash Plants and much more.

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The Detailing Studio!

The Detailing Studio was born from our desire to do something much bigger and much better. Car detailing involves cleaning and reconditioning the interior and exterior of your car.Our aim is to restore the paintwork, eliminate scratches or swirl marks and make your car look better than what it did the day it left the showroom.

IGL Coatings India!

IGL Coating is a formulator of industrial coatings. Since the launch, IGL is represented in 52 countries with more than 1000 installers and the number is only growing.Inventa Cleantec is the only Exclusive Authorised Distributor and master installer across India. IGL Coatings are eco-friendly, efficient and made of premium ingredients.

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Our Mission, Vision, Values.

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More like it was the first of its kind in the state, serving customers looking for a high quality car wash.
  • Safety: Use all senses and take action
  • Integrity: Stay honest; do what’s right
  • Fun: Connect, compete, and laugh
  • Teamwork: Help others before they ask
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Inspiring People to Shine

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Everyday we strive to create the best possible experience for both our new customers and our carwash members. It’s not just part of our culture, it is our culture by listening to you. Our Purpose

Create smiles & lifetime customers.

Our Vision

To be the Service Industry Leader.

Team Members

We know the most integral part of our success is our team members. Our goals of delivering exceptional customer service are high, and our standards are even higher.

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Karan Thapar


He is a respected leader in the car washing and car detailing services. Now operating over 25 full-service car wash & Detailing in India.

Rahul Saddi

Operations & Training Manager

Rahul's mission is to Encourage & Inspire Other people to break into free dominated industries. Rahul is Operation & Training Manager of Active Car Wash & IGL Coatings India with 9 years experience in detailing industry . He struggled hard to drive on the path of success.His intense passion for his work made detailers happy and even teaches the other man value of hard work and the rewards that come with it.

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Aakash Sharma

Outlet Manager

To deliver the best value for our boss, the customer, by delivering a clean, quick carwash every time with a smile that’s the main motive for our team.

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Aakash Sharma

Outlet Manager

Over the years we have added many sites, and created new cutting edge technology to give a clean, fast, fun experience for you and your vehicle.